Monday, November 19, 2007

Let them eat crabs

An interesting poll, reported by Ma'an (Arabic), shows that only 45% of Palestinian Arabs think that the existing government with Fayyad as prime minister is legitimate. Only 19% say that the Hamas government is legitimate.

Annapolis looks more and more like the "Geneva Initiative" where people from both sides who call themselves "leaders" negotiated a supposed solution. Of course, this "Annapolis Initiative" is supported by the United States.

Maryland is known for its crabs. Most Americans can eat and enjoy crabs, and sea crabs are halal - but they are not kosher.

Annapolis looks more and more like a crab banquet where the only people who cannot enjoy it are the Jews who actually care about being Jewish.

(And it is not a coincidence that the original authors of the Geneva Initiative are pretty much the only ones who are enthusiastic about Annapolis.)