Saturday, November 17, 2007

Latest PalArab Annapolis demands

Palestine Press Agency notes (autotranslated, cleaned up:)
Dr. Saeb Erakat, head of the Negotiations Affairs in the Palestine Liberation Organization, said that the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas were not to sign any agreement or treaty with the Israeli side in Annapolis unless they include the release of all Palestinian prisoners without exception.

Erekat stressed during his meeting with a number of wives and mothers of prisoners and detainees in Tulkarem this evening, that any "treaty or agreement with the Israeli side is unacceptable and will not sign unless it also includes opening all offices of the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, and the complete elimination of the settlements, and withdraw from the West Bank." He stressed that this is not disputed.
Once again, the Palestinian Arabs have shown that they have no ability to even think about compromise.

Which means that once again, their so-called leaders are willing to sentence their own people to more decades of misery rather than accept anything that falls short of their maximal demands.

And in fifty years, after they have killed a few more thousand of their own and perhaps a few hundred Jews, their grandchildren will be saying that they will now consider accepting the Barak offer.