Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hajj becomes a political tool for Hamas/Fatah

Hajj, the obligatory pilgrimage that Muslims make to Mecca and one of the most important Islamic precepts, has been turned into a political farce by the Palestinian Arab "leaders."

In early November, Hamas accused Fatah of conspiring to stop Gaza Muslims from performing Hajj:
Speaking during a 90-minute speech in downtown Gaza, Haneyya blamed the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority for colluding with the Zionist regime for the purpose of starving, impoverishing and tormenting the Palestinian people.

"They (the American-backed PA) collaborated with Israel at the UN to scrap an international resolution condemning Israel . This happened for the first time in history. They conspired to close all the border crossings, they conspired to prevent all raw material from entering into Gaza…even in matters of pilgrimage, they are conspiring to bar our people from carrying out their religious duties such as Umra (minor pilgrimage) and Hajj (pilgrimage)."
Apparently, this is not entirely true. Pro-Fatah Palestine Press Agency reports (autotranslated):
threatened visited Awqaf and Religious Affairs article, which send out Hamas militias outside the law in the Gaza Strip today, the pilgrims who are trying to send their passports to the Palestinian government in Ramallah to coordinate them to perform Hajj in the occupied Alhijazih imprisonment and prosecution. "

The ministry said it would prevent pilgrims from the Gaza Strip who approved by the government in Ramallah on the exit and completed their coordination to perform the Hajj to emerge verbally pursued. "

She said in a press statement that "every citizen passport sent to the Ministry of Ramallah government will not be allowed to travel and will be legal and judicial prosecution him."

This statement is a clear recognition of the Hamas movement and the government as the article is the reason to prevent the completion of the pilgrimage season for the people of the Gaza Strip which hinder the process of facilitating travel for their own partisan and narrow. "

I have no idea what the truth is, but what is clear is that the commitment to Islam seems to fade from the radar of their "leaders" as they jockey for political points.

And, as has historically been the case, the Palestinian Arabs themselves get screwed by their supposed leaders. But never fear - they are only doing it for the greater good.