Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving your enemies weapons in the name of peace

The (literally) criminal government of Olmert, Barak, Livni and company has crossed another couple of red lines, endangering not only Israeli citizens but the entire state - since yesterday.

When we last checked, the Olmert gang decided to release some 430 terrorists to appease a Palestinian Arab government that has no ability to govern. This came on the heels of other "gestures" like settlement freezes, amnesty of Fatah "militants," agreeing to bypass Phase 1 of the roadmap and put all of Israel on the table (even inside the Green Line,) floating ideas to divide Jerusalem - and pretty much doing everything necessary to ensure that in five years there will be a barrage of rockets coming from the heart of Eretz Yisrael towards the Jews huddled by the Mediterranean.

Yesterday, the government with the lowest approval rating in the history of democracy threw in a few more rewards for terror: allowing the PA to receive 25 armored vehicles, a thousand rifles and 2 million bullets.

Oh, Ha'aretz also reports that Israel has dismantled some 25 checkpoints in the West Bank as well.

And just one more tiny thing - there are reports that Olmert is also agreeing to the Palestinian Arab "right of return" in principle, and allowing as many at 20,000 Arabs to move into Israel.

The major PalArab "gesture" in the past week has been to add a couple of hundred out of their 80,000 "policemen" to make some cosmetic arrests of car thieves in Nablus. Of course, this meant that Israel pulled back from Nablus and removed some checkpoints.

And by sheer coincidence, the attack that killed Ido Zoldan came from the Nablus area that was being controlled so well by the incompetent, terror-leaning "policemen" of Fatah.

The goodwill doesn't only apply to Fatah terrorists. Hamas gets some action as well, as Ma'an is reporting this morning that Barak is allowing the export of strawberries and flowers from Gaza, just to add some more cash to Hamas' coffers.

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