Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The EU has given Fatah terrorists over $1 billion this year

The Palestinian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affirs [sic], Dr. Ahmad Subuh, on Wednesday announced that the amount of aid donated to the Palestinian Authority (PA) by the European Union (EU) over the past year had reached approximately one billion and eighty million U.S. Dollars.

Speaking during a joint press conference between the European Commission in the West Bank and the Palestinian ministry of Foreign Affairs in the central West Bank city of Ramallah, Dr. Subuh thanked the EU for the aid, adding that the amount donated had increased significantly from last year's total of 980 million US$, and the previous year's total of 880 million US$.
Last month, the White House requested some $435 million in additional aid for Palestinian Arabs, on top of the $137 million it gives to UNRWA annually (out of a budget of some $505 million) and the $77 million requested earlier this year.

That's about $2 billion earmarked for Palestinian Arabs, with no dip in reaction to their electing a genocidal government in 2006 nor in their utter failure to stop Hamas from taking over Gaza this year.

As previously posted, there is a strong direct correlation between the amount of money that the Palestinian Arabs get and the number of murders they commit occur the following year:

All this money is meant to "moderate" the Palestinian Arabs, yet it appears to have the opposite effect.

Things have been relatively peaceful in the weeks leading up to Annapolis, with much fanfare over the evident reduction of violence in Nablus due to an extra few hundred PA security forces being deployed there. But the Palestinian Arabs have shown self-restraint before when it was in their interests, and being in the spotlight before the conference is a strong incentive to lay off the mayhem for a while. (The US gave a single week's worth of relative peace in Nablus a reward of $1.3 million.) This week's renovation of Joseph's Tomb is cosmetic in more ways than one.

I've noted that there was a similar reduction of violence in the weeks before the UN vote on Partition sixty years ago, as the world's attention focused on Palestine. Immediately after the vote, of course, there was a huge surge of terror.

Since this year is a record-breaker in terms of dollars - wait to see how "peaceful" next year will be.