Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Annapolis blog entries (Think-Israel)

Think-Israel asked bloggers to contribute their postings about Annapolis to be consolidated and publicized:

"An invitation to Annapolis," by Ellen W. Horowitz.

"Munich 1938, Annapolis 2007" by Chaim Szmidt. Read it at Freedom's Cost. [Submitted by TM. , who wrote: "This isn't my blog but it's from one of my favorites"]

"The Libel Tourist video", Rachel Ehrenfeld speaking. See this documentary at The Libel Tourist blog. Also viewable at astuteblogger.blogspot.com. [Saudis fund terrorists; ultimate objective -- to impose Sharia (Muslim Law) on everyone.]

"Mandate for Palestine: The Legal Aspects of Jewish Rights" by Eli E. Hertz. Download it at Myths and Facts website. Or download it directly by clicking here. A Hebrew version is also available. [Israel's right to Biblical Israel (the "West Bank") is irrevocable by international law.]

"Questions And Answers About Israel, Annapolis, And 'Peace'" by Steven Plaut (www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com). Read it at the Jewish Press. [Why Israel should not go to Annapolis.]

"Anti-Americanism Dangerously Misunderstood, While Israel is Still Expected to do all the Heavy Lifting," by Phyllis Chesler. Read it at Chesler Chronicles. [Israel gives. Gets grief. Gives more. Gets no respect.]

"Stacked Deck! Peace conference invitee list revealed." by Batya Medad. Read it at Shiloh's Musings. [Hail, hail, the gang's all here and Israel gets to play the sacrificial lamb.]

"Honest Broker or Dangerous Scam?" by Batya Medad. Read it a Shiloh Musings. [Blair and Rice aren't honest brokers. They're partisan.]

"Annapolis..." by Chaim Szmidt. Read it at Freedom's Cost. [Olmert buys off countrymen who could bring his administration down and kowtows to administrations that could wipe out his country.]

"November 1947 and Annapolis déjà vu," by Elder of Ziyon" Read it at Elder of Ziyon. [However failure or success is measured at Annapolis, the day after there will be violence.]

"Quo Vadis Annapolis?" by Yoram Ettinger. Read it at The Ettinger Report. [Arabs view peace as just another a tactic to defeat their enemies.]

"Jerusalem" by Akiva. Read it at Mystical Paths. [Jerusalem is too important to Judaism to lose her.]

"Condi's Fatal Error" by Arlene Kushner (http://www.arlenefromisrael.info/). Read it at Front Page Magazine. [Sec-State Rice's judgment is poor.]

"The Annapolis Summit" by Bernice Lipkin. Read it at Think-Israel. [This "peace process" is as wrong-headed as the previous ones. We need a new paradigm for peace.]

"Surprise... Not! Palestinians Abuse Their Own Kids!" by Barbara. Read it at Barbara's Tchatzkahs. [Monster Alley isn't where you make a deal.]

"Annapolis: The very definition of antisemitism" by Anne Lieberman. Read at Boker tov, Boulder. [Annapolis applies a double standard. That's anti-Semitism.]

"Dangerous Times We Live In," by Ralph Levy. Read it at Ralph's Rant. [Points out indicators that Olmert is disregarding Israeli wishes and is recklessly willing to damage Israel.]

"Motivation" by Ralph Levy. Read it at Ralph's Rants. [Why the push by the Bush administration? Ralph speculations.]

"Ancient History" by Ancient Clown." Read it at Lest we forget. [Breaking treaties isn't a new concept that needs time to understand.]

"Coordinating Committee to Save Jerusalem and other items" by Yid With Lid. Read it at Yid with Lid. [Catch up with what many bloggers are writing.]

"Every Party Needs A Pooper," by Jeff Dunetz. (www.jeffdunetz.com) . Read it at Jeff Dunetz [How the Arabs play "who wants to make mid-east Peace?"]

"At Annapolis, Will Israel Sink Or Swim?" by Yisrael Medad (myrightword.blogspot.com). Read it at Arutz-Sheva. [Annapolis proposals sound upbeat but they are in Israel's worst interests.]

"Israel should say to US, 'Bring it on?'" by Ted Belman. Read it at IsraPundit, November 15, 2007. [Saying "no" to America's goal of creating a Palestinian State could be very good for Israel.]

" Let's give them a state!" by Carl in Jerusalem. Read it at Israel Matzav [93.3% Palestinian Arab children experience domestic violence. A state is the gestalt of its citizens. So what can we expect of their State?]