Wednesday, October 31, 2007

UN almost admits UNIFIL worse than useless

From JPost:
Hizbullah has succeeded in rearming itself and has obtained missiles with a range of 250 km., a UN report on the implementation of UN Resolution 1701 stated. Such missiles would be capable of striking areas south of Tel Aviv.

Weapons smuggling from Syria into Lebanon, in violation of 1701, is continuing as well.

According to the report, which was quoted by Army Radio, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called the continued arms smuggling "grave."

The report also noted that according to information provided by Israel, Hizbullah was rearming itself south of the Litani River, and that given this development, UNIFIL forces and the Lebanese army were increasing their efforts to patrol the area.

Further, Israeli intelligence passed on to the UN stated that the number of land-to-sea missiles in Hizbullah's stockpile has tripled.
So the new, improved UNIFIL managed to let Hezbollah do pretty much all it wanted to, and now it is a bigger threat than it was last summer. Resolution 1701 is yet another worthless piece of paper generated by that august institution.

Way to go, UNIFIL!