Friday, October 19, 2007

Today's auto-translated recipe: CD potatoes fried eggs

Sometimes, Google Translate from Arabic is pretty good, but this recipe in the Palestine Press Agency has me scratching my head:
CD potatoes fried eggs

Habtan potato of scale.
Workshop small black pepper and salt workshop.
Some of PARSLEY ON MARKET decorate.
Oil for thee.


1-Asgay potatoes well.
2--fragment then Ahersiha potatoes in a container filled with the addition of salt, and pepper.
3--Adivi eggs with Flipping hand.
4-After becoming mix Kajeenh coherent, more expensive oil, in Fryer.
5-formality paste by hand and in the form of tablets and then Akulaiha oil.
6-plate Zinni little PARSLEY ON MARKET hot and feet

The hot and feet part sounds yummy!