Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recent MSM failures

I try to dig up news that others have missed, but this is still not an excuse for the professional journalists to ignore stories that are available and are clearly newsworthy. Here is a round-up of recent postings I wrote that completely flew under the MSM radar, judging from mentions in Google News:

"Kill Jews Everywhere" - Although I got this out of the English-language Ma'an newspaper, and Arutz-7 put it into a newsbrief, this story where Hamas/PRC terrorists threatened Jews worldwide is nonexistent on Google News.

More Holy Temple Denial, where the former Mufti of Jerusalem denied that there was ever a Jewish Temple at the site of the Temple Mount, was only mentioned in a couple of Israeli newspapers and a simgle mention in EarthTimes (UK). EarthTimes credits UPI but the absence of this story from the thousands of newspapers indexed by Google means that every single one did not think that this story was worth mentioning.

Why the horrible Israelis inspect Gaza-bound sugar, mentioned the fact that Gaza terrorists have imported potassium for explosives in sugar shipments. This was only mentioned in Ha'aretz and Israel Insider.

Two Jewish professors at Columbia targeted
- this story was only mentioned in the New York Post and NY1.

Another day, another "protection racket" threat by Fatah - Ahmed Qureia's threats of war should the conference not go the way he wants was only covered by YNet.

Saudi king insults everyone's intelligence in Britain, where the Saudi king speaks hypocritically about "human rights" and says many other outrageous things about Israel, women and terrorism, was only mentioned by Arab News and Bits and Pieces. Even the BBC did not seem to put its own interview on the web, in either transcript or full video form.

This is only from the past week.

The mainstream media has no interest in looking for real stories - they are mindlessly following the lead from wire services and a couple of influential newspapers, whose agendas clearly do not include stories such as these. When it comes to the Middle East or anti-semitism they have already decided what they want to think and these items - which upset the applecart of complacency that the "even-handedness" coverage encourages - just do not fit into the story they want to say.