Tuesday, October 02, 2007

PalArab writer: "Who cares how al-Dura was killed?"

The mindset of the Palestinian Arabs becomes even more apparent in an Arabic editorial written for Ma'an, which includes this (autotranslated):
And I say to you Siimann what business and the results of the investigation? اWhat business if the child Durra cited Israeli soldier shot or a stray Palestinian bullet? Is that prevents him crime was on the air immediately shook the conscience of the world and notified leaders and generals occupation shame?
He is directing his words towards Israel's Government Press Office Director Daniel Seamann, who just finally publicly said (sevenyears too late) that Israel has determined that the death was staged.

It appears that the Palestinian Arab position is that even if it was staged, or even if al-Dura was murdered by Palestinian Arabs, it doesn't matter - it's Israel's fault anyway! And the dozens of terror attacks that followed, fueled by this lie, are all justified anyway!

The legendary Palestinian Arab disregard for truth shines brightly again.