Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PalArab "human rights" organization against human rights

Some 13 or so Arabs of Palestinian descent, who have lived in Iraq for decades, apparently were trying to illegally immigrate to Italy when their boat capsized, killing them.

BADIL, a PalArab organization that purports to help these Iraqi refugees in the guise of calling them Palestinian refugees, made this statement in response:
BADIL calls upon states, the PLO, UNHCR, UNRWA and NGOs working for Palestinian refugees to:

1) Provide Palestinian refugees in and from Iraq with temporary protection and/or relocation opportunities, especially in Yemen which has indicated its willingness to welcome the refugees;

2) Inform, consult and respect the wishes of the refugees;

3) Request Israel to permit the immediate return of Palestinian refugees from Iraq to their homes of origin and redouble efforts for durable solutions;

4) Ensure that any from of protection recognizes, respects and protects the right of return of Palestinian refugees, for example through registration with UNRWA of entitled but previously unregistered persons.

Notice anything strange?

That's right - the leading organization that pretends to help Palestinian Arabs refuses to ask Arab countries, or any others for that matter, to allow them to become naturalized citizens.

This is not an oversight. All of these organizations that pretend to support "human rights" for PalArabs have a larger agenda that trumps helping them: keeping them stateless and miserable indefinitely in the name of "the right of return."

The fear that these supposed advocates have is obvious: Palestinian Arabs will stop identifying as such in a generation or two if they are allowed to become re-integrated with the larger Arab world as they were before 1948. The most effective weapon that the Arab world has against Israel's existence would disappear as the "refugees" disappear.

So we see yet again that "Palestinian human rights" organizations care more about destroying Israel than about human rights. It is right here in black and white.