Wednesday, October 03, 2007

PalArab "ambassador" shows his colors

An ambassador, by definition, is only supposed to speak to his "country"'s official positions, right?

Get a load of the "Palestinian" ambassador to Tehran:
Palestinian ambassador to Tehran Salah Zawawi here in Tehran on Tuesday dismissed any compromise with the Zionist regime in the so-called peace conference in the US, stressing that Palestinians want the Holy Qods back as their capital.

Zawawi noted the oppressions of the Zionist regime and the national resistance of the Palestinian people, and said, "There is no family in Palestine which has not dedicated a martyr or a handicapped member" to the national resistance against Israeli occupation.

He further assured that the "Zionist regime, this enemy of mankind, will be defeated soon and Palestine will eventually return to the Islamic Ummah (nation)."

The envoy also underlined unity and solidarity of Palestinian groups, and said all Jihadi groups in Palestine contribute a role in the struggle against Zionists' oppression, occupation and usurpation.

"We will not be satisfied with anything less than having the Holy Qods as our capital city; the one who forgets his country does not have the right to live. Palestine belongs to all Islamic countries and everyone has the right to express his/her views about the fate of Palestine," the Palestinian ambassador underscored.

He also assured that Palestinians' national resistance would continue until liberation of Palestine and achievement of freedom and victory.
So he is saying that terror is A-OK, that an eventual Palestine will encompass all of Israel and that after it gets established it will become part of a Muslim 'ummah - which shows yet again that the point isn't a Palestinian Arab state but the destruction of the Jewish state. He is negating every single Palestinian Arab "concession" ever made - all the paper declarations of desire for peace, against terror, for living side by side with Israel.

Now, it is of course possible that Zawawi is not saying the official Fatah line. But if that is true, wouldn't his comments start a firestorm of controversy and his forced resignation?

Don't hold your breath.