Monday, October 08, 2007

PA willingly cedes control of Jerusalem - to Jordan

From YNet:
Israel and the Palestinians have agreed that the Temple Mount as well as other parts of the Old City in Jerusalem will be under Jordanian control as part of a future peace deal, a Palestinian daily reported on Monday.

The London-based al-Quds al-Arabi reported that President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reached the agreement during recent talks in Jerusalem. Under the arrangement, the Old City's Arab residents will be granted Jordanian citizenship.

The newspaper did not say whether Israel would keep control of Jewish holy sites and neighborhoods in the Old City.

The arrangement will make the Jordanian monarchy a guardian of holy Muslim shrines in Jerusalem.
Forgetting the utter stupidity and breathtaking shortsightedness of Kadima allowing Jerusalem to be divided again:

If Jerusalem is so important to Palestinian Arabs and has been so important for so many centuries, why would they willingly give up control to another nation? Why is Jordan a preferable custodian of holy sites in Jerusalem than Israel from a PalArab perspective?

The reason is, of course, because Palestinian Arabs do not want control of these lands! They do not want the headaches of running a real state and solving real problems. Their attachment to "Al-Quds" is a farce, and the numerous photos of the Dome of the Rock that grace every Palestinian Arab website and TV broadcast are only for show. Their entire existence as a people is due to their leaders deliberately separating them from their Arab brothers for the past sixty years, for the singular purpose of using them as cannon fodder to help destroy Israel.

A real people, proud of their heritage and proud of Jerusalem, would never accede to giving their holiest and most important site to a completely different nation. The only goal here is to take away land from the Jews rather than to own and cherish it themselves. As long as Arabs own it, it matters little to them who controls it - just as long as they are not Jews. The entire idea of Palestinian Arab nationalism is shown to be a farce by this agreement.

(I am well aware of the irony of the first sentence of the last paragraph, as it shows that the Israeli Left is equally dismissive of their own religious and cultural heritage. If something is not done soon, we will in a couple of years witness Israeli policemen forcibly dragging Jews away from the Old City in the name of "peace" - proving that the blind pursuit of an illusory "peace process" is more irrational than most religions are.)