Monday, October 01, 2007

Islamic hate literature distributed in suburban Detroit

From the Macomb Daily (h/t Eye on the World)
Police said anti-Jewish and anti-Christian fliers were found on cars parked in a lot on the northwest corner of 15 Mile and Ryan roads.

Sterling Heights police Detective Sgt. Paul Jesperson said three separate complaints were filed by residents Tuesday who found the fliers on their windshields.

He said the flier said: "Kill Jews and Christians if they don't believe in Allah and Mohammad."

It further advises people to "Fight those who do not believe."

"I really don't know what it means other than suggesting violence to Jews and Christians," Jesperson said. ...
Sam Richardson, who was shopping at the Kroger store on Tuesday, saw the flier on his windshield while walking to his car and asked his 11-year-old daughter to remove it.

He said she walked toward him while she was reading the flier and then she started crying.

"She asked me what the flier was all about," said Richardson, an electrician at General Motors. "I tried to explain to her what it meant and I then had to explain it to my 7-year-old son."

Isn't it striking that these incidents seem to happen in the places that are most hospitable to Muslims? I mean, from listening to how self-hating American liberals think, one would venture to say that Muslim hate would be proportional to the hatred they feel, rather than inversely proportional, right? If they are in a community that is well established, like Detroit, one would expect that they would be the most loyal of Americans to have had the opportunity to live as they wish in freedom.

Unless, of course, there is something about how Islam is practiced nowadays that encourages violence. If that were the case, then one would expect hate crimes by Muslims to be higher in areas where there are more Muslims living.

And for what it's worth, less than a mile from where this occurred there is a store called "The New Arabic Town."

One other interesting fact about this story: it simply does not exist anywhere else in the news media besides this one tiny newspaper. A hate crime that was clearly done by Muslims against Christians and Jews is not considered newsworthy at all.