Monday, October 08, 2007

Fatah spokesman in Arabic: Negotiations with Israel just another form of "resistance"

The Palestine Press Agency reports in Arabic (autotranslated):
(Ahmed) Abdul Rahman (senior advisor to Mahmoud Abbas) confirmed that the negotiations are a form of work for the Palestinian resistance option and Palestinian ending the oppressive Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

Abdul Rahman added, "If the Israelis Mtandin negotiator with the Palestinian side does not mean that despair, but we will continue to work through all possible means to us, explaining that one of the forms of struggle that is the international conference called for by President Bush, especially since many of the officials said that the hour is hours of an independent Palestinian state and an end to Israeli occupation....

Abdul Rahman stressed that the issue of concessions is not included final and the Palestinian side had nothing to give him, but we have what we want to Nabdeh to end the Israeli occupation.
The word "struggle" is a code word for "terror", so Abbas' senior advisor is mollifying the bloodthirsty Palestinian Arab population by saying that negotiations are just another form of "resistance" aimed at getting everything from Israel without any compromise on the Palestinian Arab side. He also makes very clear that terror is still a very viable option for Fatah as a means to extract more from Israel - even after successful negotiations.

You will not find any Western media translating this interview.