Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't cry for Khaled Salman Hamdan

Here's an interesting item, that from what I could tell was not reported in any news media whatsoever:
A child was killed and 3 others injured by the Police in Sheja’eya Quarter yesterday evening. The Center’s preliminary investigation indicates that at about 16:00 on Saturday (20 October 2007), a group of youth in Mansour Street in Sheja’eya attacked a policeman and beat him. A police force arrived and fired indiscriminately, killing Khaled Salman Hamdan (8) by a bullet to the chest as he was walking with his mother to a wedding in the area. Three others were injured, including one child who was critically injured.
Hamas "police" firing indiscriminately, killing an eight year old?

One would expect that this would make world headlines. It is, after all, symbolic of Hamas' reckless endangerment of human life, and their culpability for his death is far worse that the hoax of Mohammed Al-Dura. But there will be no intrafada in defense of Hamdan, no world headlines screaming for revenge, no Reuters pictures of his funeral, no apologies to come from Hamas. This is expected behavior, a dog-bites-man story, and if it wasn't for the Palestine Center for Human Rights (which is shamefully biased itself) no one would have ever heard of Khaled Salman Hamdan.

Don't cry for Khaled, because the Arab world and their supposed supporters sure aren't.

The PalArab self-death count for the year is now at 553, including 40 children.