Sunday, October 28, 2007

The best and the brightest PalArabs want more terror

A few days ago was the anniversary of the death of Fathi Shikaki, a master terrorist who co-founded Islamic Jihad. To celebrate, there was a massive rally in Gaza calling on fighting Israel, where Shikaki's successor said, "Palestine was usurped at the hands of the armed Jewish groups by force, and, therefore, it couldn’t be retrieved but by force and resistance....We should not allow ourselves to believe, even for a moment, that our struggle with Israel has come to an end...This conference is dangerous for the Palestinians, because its aim is to drag Arab countries into normalizing their ties with Israel, define its borders, and allow the US to attack Iran. The Palestinians must not participate in this conference."

You might think that these is only the rantings of a single, small terror group, and not representative of the larger PalArab population.

But not only was Islamic Jihad there, but also Hamas leader Islaml Haniyeh, who said, days after fatal clashes between Hamas and Islamic Jihad,"Our relation with Islamic Jihad is strategic, stable and will not be shaken with a few events."

You might think that these sentiments are only endemic throughout Gaza, but not in the more secular, peaceful West Bank. But at Bir Zeit University, where the future leaders of Palestinian Arab society are molded, they also had a celebration of Shakaki's death (autotranslated):
Bir Zeit University students in 12th anniversary of the departure of Dr. Fathi Shakaki affirmed that the resistance and the certificate is correct and proper way, the only solution is to liberate the land of the blessed impurity Zionists rapists.

The Council called in a statement all the resistance factions and cards to escalate the resistance and strike the Zionist occupier everything Ottey force.
Of course we already knew how much Bir Zeit students support terror.