Monday, October 01, 2007

The Benetton Zionist menace

Those scary smart Iranians have uncovered yet another Zionist conspiracy. Their extra diligence is paying off!
Iran's pro-government Fardanews has described as a "Zionist" Luciano Benetton, main stakeholder in Italian clothing conglomerate Benetton as a "Zionist who is about to open a chain of stores in the Islamic Republic."

“Benetton is not liked by the world's Muslims, either for his publicity campaigns, for his links with international zionism."
That happened three days ago, so the Iranian MPs had to jump on a new anti-Zionist bandwagon. AFP adds:
A group of prominent MPs have warned over the presence of Italian clothing retailer Benetton in Iran, saying its fashions are a bad influence on female consumers, newspapers said Monday.

The protest comes amid a crackdown by Iranian police on dress deemed to be un-Islamic, which has already seen warnings handed out to over-100,000 women.

"The MPs Sunday made a warning about preventing the influence of the Benetton investor in fashion and women's clothing design," the newspaper said.

It added that parliament speaker Gholam Ali Hadad-Adel received their protest by himself, protesting that Benetton was not using Farsi language or script on its shop signs in the Islamic republic.

"The two shops that I have seen did not use Farsi inscriptions, and all signs were in English, this must be prevented in line with the law," the newspaper quoted him as saying.

Over the past year, several Benetton stores have been opened in Iran, mainly selling its casual line of products for men, women, and children - not the outer garments women have to wear on the streets in Iran.

According to the retailer's Web site, it now has four stores in the capital, two in Iran's second city of Mashhad, and one in the central town of Yazd.

In 2006 Iran's parliament passed a bill to promote Iranian-and-Islamic fashion to combat the "cultural invasion" of the West, and has encouraged fashion shows and exhibitions to show the right trends.

After the Islamic revolution ousted the pro-US shah, it was made obligatory for all women, including non-Muslims, to cover their heads and all bodily contours in public.

Police have also shut down stores selling skimpy clothing, and arrested men whose hairstyles were seen as too Western or clothing judged to be promoting satanism.
These people are so obsessed with women's contours and Satanism that it is amazing that they can run a country.