Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another peaceful week in Palestan

It is eerie how peaceful things are now among Palestinian Arabs. Here are a few of the more peaceful events of the last few days.

- 3 Hamas "police officers" were killed by a car explosion at Hamas headquarters in Gaza City, in what appears to be infighting. Hamas originally blamed Israel but has since backed off of that particular lie.

- One of the prisoners released by Israel saw his home attacked by Hamas.

- A Gaza clan clash injured "several."

- Seven injured in Khan Younis as Hamas attempted to arrest some Fatah members.

- The PFLP claims that one of its members was abducted and tortured.

- A 13-year old boy was kidnapped for ransom in a financial dispute between families in Nablus. He has now been released with some bruises.

- A riot erupted after a basketball game in Gaza with people hitting each other with chairs and sticks. 4 injured.

They are so peaceful with each other we can be certain that they will be fantastic partners for peace with Israel.

The 2007 Palestinian Arab self-death count is now up to 530.

A fourth has died. 531.

A Bethlehem shop owner was stabbed and customers in his shop attacked by a gang of eight more peaceful men.