Friday, October 19, 2007

Abbas tells Rice he'll resign and Al Qaeda will take over if Annapolis fails

The pro-Fatah Palestine Press Agency reports that Mahmoud Abbas threatened to resign as chairman of the PA:
Kuwait-Palestine-Presse (A Kuwaiti newspaper today) revealed that President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that he would resign from his post as chairman of the Palestinian Authority, if the "Annapolis" next peace process completed without results, and demanded of Rice, "that there should be a timetable and a clear political agenda before attending the Conference, but it would not be prepared to sacrifice himself to sacrifice for a popular Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert."

According to the Palestinian official, "there was a sharp political rivalry between President Abbas and the American minister stressed that alternative before his resignation and his retirement from political action letter is clear and public will be one of two possibilities bring troubles to the United States and not a political earthquake in the Palestinian territories alone, but in the All-States allies of the United States."

Abbas said that "the absence of its political moderate lead Washington to deal with a third intifada may be impossible. (Without progress) such as a road map or a new international conference, the United States will find that Al-Qaida, which permeates secretly in the Gaza Strip has become enemy number one and deducted face-to-face in the Palestinian territories if not met possibilities together and then the entire region will not be able to achieve anything. "
So it sounds like Abbas is saying that he is the moderate bulwark against terrorism and that if he falls, America will have a wave of terror attacks. He somehow doesn't seem to address the issue that Al-Qaeda came to Gaza on his watch.

This is behavior we've seen before. Just like the explicit terrorists threaten the West if they don't get what they want, moderate terrorists like Abbas threaten that the other terrorists will attack the West if they don't get what they want. It is the Arab version of good-cop, bad-cop - and too many in the West believe what the "good cop" says.