Friday, July 20, 2007

Some of the prisoners released were Hamas members

While Israel stated that none of the 255 prisoners released in a "goodwill gesture" were affiliated with Hamas, it turns out that many were.

YNet reports that 30 were members of Hamas, 2 more from Islamic Jihad, and as many as 38 from PFLP and DFLP. In addition:
According to the guidelines approved earlier in the week by a special Israeli governmental committee headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the prisoners release do not have any "blood on their hands".

Those released were jailed for lesser charges, including weapons trafficking, illegal possession of firearms, belonging to an illegal organization, attempted murder, attempted manslaughter and aiding and abetting fugitives.
While technically people who failed in their attempts to kill Jews may not have "blood on their hands," it is the height of folly to allow them to get another chance. In fact, their motivation to return to terror has increased, as their earlier failures can be seen as shameful that must be avenged.

Even though Hamas members were released, they are also being greeted personally by Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Israel's Justice Ministry admits that 17% of released prisoners end up resuming terror activities. This means that at least 42 of the released prisoners can be expected to terrorize again.

Since the intifada began, 179 Israelis have been killed by former prisoners released in earlier deals.

To the current Israeli government, a goodwill gesture is something that puts Israeli citizens at risk for their lives - all to prop up an impotent Abbas who allowed Hamas to win Gaza without a fight.