Thursday, July 05, 2007

The new rules of Gaza news

Since Hamas took over Gaza and started its reign of terror there (which the West considers a "calm") it has gotten more difficult to find out what is going on there. The formerly objective Ma'an News has gotten more and more skittish about saying anything that makes Hamas look bad.

For example, my item yesterday about Hamas' threatening to shoot thousands of Palestinian Arabs if they try to enter Gaza using the Kerem Shalom crossing is being reported in Ma'an only in vague terms of "Hamas threats." If they would mention the nature of the threats, their reporters will be in real danger.

There is one source of news that is very critical of Hamas, the Palestinian Press News Agency. It is an extremely pro-Fatah and anti-Hamas news source and it is hard to know how accurate its stories are, but here are some of the stories it is reporting from Gaza:
The Minister of Health Dr. Fathi Abu Meghli , condemned the incident of preventing the employees and medical crews affiliated to the Ministry of Health from resuming their work on hands of militant lawless militias.

He pointed out in a statement that members of the executive force shut down the medical centers affiliated to the primary care and associations of the Ministry of Health by chains in addition to attacking the employees and patients by insulting and hitting them.
The Chief of the Union of the public sector employees Mr. Bassam Zakarna , strongly condemned the attacks of Hamas militias on employees today and their shutting down to five ministries by force in Gaza .

Zakarna stressed in a statement that the acts of Hamas' militias reflect how much far they are from the ethics and morals of the Palestinian people .

He pointed out that Hamas' militias attacked the Ministry of Education , the Ministry of Health , the Ministry of Planning , and the Ministry of Labors under gun point to terrify employees , force them leave their offices and consolidate that Thursday is the formal weekly holiday and not Saturday
The formal spokesman of the Palestinian Democratic Union ( Feda ) revealed today that Hamas affiliated militias kidnapped a number of women from their houses and kept them as hostages to force their relatives who are fugitives for Hamas to give up themselves .

Kidnapping women, threats against employees, forcibly shutting down government services? Doesn't sound too calm to me!

The pro-Hamas Palestine Today has a different spin on Hamas' freedom of the press (autotranslated):
Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahhar, Deputy leading figure in the Hamas movement : that the movement will resist the law for anyone to attack the press or media in the Gaza Strip.

He then supplemented through the picket organized block a Palestinian journalist in Gaza City today, Thursday, "to mark the liberation of Johnston," that the media have freedom of action in the Gaza Strip, but without offending the dignity of the Palestinian people or religions.
Which means that the media has no freedom in Gaza at all!