Monday, July 02, 2007

Left wing paranoia is really, really funny

I've mentioned before the "People's Voice" website, its anti-semitic articles and the fact that it is indexed at Google News. Apparently, for a couple of days in June, Google News stopped indexing them, and then reinstated them. I have no idea whether this has anything to do with complaints or whether it was a glitch in Google's software, but they are crowing about their ability to be indexed again and about the extremists - namely, me - who tried to shut them down:

In November of 2006, a person behind a blog called Elder of Ziyon launched an attack against the site. They couldn't silence us for telling the truth within the confines of our constitutional rights, so they started digging through the over 800 articles on our site searching for any piece of dirt they could use against us. If one were to search through the archive of any newspaper or magazine, one could reasonably expect to find something that offends somebody, particularly when taken out of context.

They found an article entitled 'Judaism is Nobody's Friend' by Mark Glenn written on November 7, 2006. The article is a factual critical examination of the negative aspects of Judaism, the belief system, not the people. At no point does Mark Glenn use insult or racial slur. It is not an attack against the Jewish people (as such), and can't be called racist or prejudice. The Elder of Ziyon web site wrote a very slanted piece about thepeoplesvoice.org branding us with the anti-Semitism label. They added a link back to Google News for people to complain and hopefully get us removed. After a few weeks of hate mail bombardment from the Ziyon site, Google relented, giving in to a lone provocateur with an e-mail link.
So am I a "lone provocateur" or do I have enough readers to bombard Google with hate mail for weeks? Isn't it strange that I looked through some "800 articles" in November and happened to find one also published in November? Did I try to take their website down? Their attempts to reproduce what happened are laughable and borderline paranoid. But I have to thank them for giving this blog publicity, because the only time I've ever been mentioned in Google News is from their site! (Although they wouldn't, of course, link to me - evidently they are afraid that the fragile minds of their readers might explode if they read something outside of their own echo chamber.)

Later on in their paranoid screed they accuse the Daily Kos far-left website of being in on this conspiracy to close them down. Way too funny:
The slander and repression that we had seen at the Daily Kos caused us to reassess our beliefs about the free and open internet. At first, because of the extremist character of the individuals that were attacking Eileen and thepeoplesvoice.org, it seemed as though a group with a Zionist agenda had infiltrated the Daily Kos. But after considering the content of a "My Left Wing" posting, we realized that there might be another twist to this story. The posting alleges that Marcos Moulitsas, the founder of Daily Kos, is the closest thing to a CIA agent that you'll ever find, short of a real one: one vetted and found worthy but unwilling (?) to seal the lifelong pact with this nefarious organization. For all intents and purposes, we probably would be erring on the safe side if we were to consider him a "real" agent. The fact that the spooks are onboard at Google is old news. It would appear that a possible connection between Kos and Google is likely, and with CIA associations it's not difficult to see why and how Daily Kos and Google are aligned with New World Order philosophy. The two were certainly in agreement when it came to simultaneously censoring thepeoplesvoice.org and Eileen Fleming.

Since the People's voice pretends to be so committed to "free speech," a simple thought experiment will suffice: Would they ever publish an article about Islam similar to the ones they have published about Judaism? And would Google News keep indexing them after such an article is published?