Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hamas' "honor" trumps human lives

Israel and Egypt came up with an agreement to allow thousands of stranded Palestinian Arabs to enter Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing. This will solve a humanitarian problem that Palestinian Arabs and their supporters have been complaining about for weeks.

The reason the Rafah crossing was closed is that the agreement that allowed it to open to begin with has been abrogated with Hamas' takeover of Gaza. The agreement was between the PA, the EU, Israel and Egypt, and now that the PA has nothing to do with Hamas and the EU observers cannot be assured of their safety the crossing had to be closed.

Silly Israel and Egypt actually believed that the issue was the 4000 people stuck at Rafah, and tried to come up with a solution for that problem. In fact, the real reason there have been complaints about Rafah was not the poor PalArab people, but because Hamas and the other Gaza terror groups wanted to control a border crossing where they can then smuggle in cash and weapons. The people were a nice cover for terror.

And here's the proof:
Gaza - Ma'an - The deposed government has criticised the decision to open the Kerem Shalom crossing, located on the Israel-Gaza-Egypt border at the southern most point of the Gaza Strip, to allow the thousands of Palestinians stranded in Egypt back to Gaza.

In a statement, the former unity government rejected the use of Kerem Shalom Crossing, stressing that the Rafah crossing, between Gaza and Egypt, should be opened instead. The opening of the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom Crossing represents an outside intervention and a violation of Palestinian rights, the deposed government said.

The deposed Palestinian government said in its statement that forcing the stranded Palestinians to travel through the Israeli-controlled crossing was "a dangerous violation of Palestinian rights", both to their "land and sovereignty."

In the same regard, an official source in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) warned that accepting the transfer of the stranded Palestinians through Kerem Shalom represented an acceptance of a return to occupation of the Gaza Strip.

"In spite of our appreciation for the efforts made by the Egyptian brothers to end the suffering of the Palestinians stranded at the Rafah crossing, we would like to point out that this problem should be brought to an end through the use of the Rafah crossing," the PFLP source said. Furthermore, "We warn that the acceptance of transporting the [stranded] Palestinians through Kerem Shalom is considered as an acceptance of Israeli conditions and the return of the occupation to the strip in order for it to be controlled by the Israeli forces and authorities," the PFLP source warned in a statement.
So let's use thousands of suffering people as pawns to pressure Israel! This is the terrorist calculation, and it has been for decades.

UPDATE: Hamas claims to have shot rockets at the crossing which they call Karam Abu Salem. No confirmation from any other source.