Sunday, July 15, 2007

Freedom of the Press, PalArab style (IV): Reuters capitulates to Hamas threats

This seems to be turning into a series....

From PCHR, events that happened last Thursday after a Fatah demonstration in Gaza:
Member of the Executive Force detained 3 journalists who were covering the demonstration and forced them to delete video footages and photographs from their cameras. The journalists are:

1) Rami Hasan Abu Shammala, a cameraman of Ramattan;

2) Ibrahim Abu Mustafa, a Reuters reporter; and

3) Bassam Mas’oud, a Reuters reporter.

One of the journalists told PCHR that members of the Executive Force took them to the office of the force inside the hospital and forced them to delete video footages that showed members of the force fining into the air to disperse the demonstrations. They also warned and the threatened the journalists not to publish any of those footages.
Needeless to say, a search through news archives from last Thursday reveal not a single word about this demonstration in Khan Younis. Hamas not only threatened the journalists - they successfully muzzled them, and proved yet again that they control all the news coming out of Gaza.

Gutless Reuters didn't even attempt to report on their own humiliation and impotence. They willingly went along with the demands of the terrorists, and as a result they chose not to report the news. And any way you look at it, a sizable pro-Fatah demonstration in the heart of Hamastan is worth a paragraph or two among the megabytes of dreck that Reuters publishes daily.