Monday, July 16, 2007

Alan Johnston: "I returned home with most beautiful memories of Gaza"

From Ma'an:
"It is lovely to remember and to be remembered, and tell your crew and students that I returned home with most beautiful memories of Gaza."

Those were the words with which BBC reporter Alan Johnston replied to a letter of congratulations that he received from Dr Yahia Al Sarraj, the dean of the Training and Practical Scientific College in Gaza.

The journalist, recently released from captivity having been abducted in Gaza by a radical Islamist group and held for over 100 days, added expressions of his pride of Gaza, its people “and the beautiful memories that Gaza gave to me during the last years”.

He concluded, "I spent 3 years in Gaza before my kidnapping, and I know very well the meaning of friendship and generosity that Palestinians have".

He expressed his happiness and stated that, when remembering Gaza, he will first remember the beautiful things which Gaza gave to him.
Is it any wonder that Palestinian Arabs across the board were so keen on releasing Alan Johnston? The "objective" BBC reporter was by far their most reliable propaganda outlet.