Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Temple Mount clarity

Seeing Israel's "defense minister" kowtow to the Muslim world in relation to the Temple Mount is just the latest time that Israel has given ammunition to the Arab world to destroy any Jewish claims to the site, and to change the status quo on the Har HaBayit.

The single dumbest thing Israel ever did was to give the Waqf complete control over the area in 1967.

Muslims do not hesitate to say, explicitly, that the Temple Mount is an exclusively Muslim area and that they do not want any non-Muslims to ever step foot upon it. The world's media accepts this is completely true and normal.

The Jewish narrative, which is far more accurate and far stronger, gets ignored.

The fact is that the Temple Mount is the single holiest spot on the planet according to Judaism. It was the site of both Temples and the Jewish claim predates the Muslim religion by some 1500 years.

Every single day, Judaism's holiest place gets desecrated by Muslims there.

I visited the Hulda Gates on the south side of the Temple Mount a couple of weeks ago:

Here was the site where countless Jews would enter and ascend to the Temple over 2000 years ago. Excavated Jewish ritual baths dot the surrounding area. One can go up to the now-blocked gate and recite Tehillim (Psalms) - only to be interrupted by the Muslim prayers that are amplified inside in the mosques that now occupy he southern Mount area, as they desecrate this undeniably Jewish sacred site.

If you are offended by my characterization of the Temple Mount as an exclusively Jewish site that is being desecrated and destroyed by Muslims, ask yourself why you are not offended by the routine descriptions of the area as being exclusively Muslim where Jews are not allowed to pray. Even without even going into the Muslim fantasy that Mohammed went to Jerusalem, it is obvious that the Jewish nature of the site is far stronger and far older than any Muslim claim.

It has been my experience that, without exception, every crime that Muslims routinely accuse Jews of perpetrating is a crime that the Muslims routinely do themselves in far greater degrees.

This is a classic example.