Friday, February 16, 2007

PalArabs winning 115-18 so far this year

Every week, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights puts out an exquisitely detailed report of what they consider human rights violations by Israel against Palestinian Arabs, with painstaking detail given to counting up cumulative statistics of injuries, deaths, arrests, and many other events given without context. This is one of many sources that feed the PalArab propaganda machine which in turn feeds wire service reports showing how terrible Israel is.

Of course, these same champions of "human rights" all but ignore Palestinian Arabs killing other Palestinian Arabs. They used to put out reports on a subset of these attacks in terms of "misuse of weapons and security chaos" but they do not attempt to keep track exhaustively of these numbers.

One statistic that you will never hear from them is that for the past six weeks, at least, the number of Palestinian Arabs killed by other PalArabs has exceeded the numbers killed by Israel every single week.

According to my statistics, 115 Palestinian Arabs have been killed so far this year by their neighbors, and PCHR counts 18 killed by Israel. This week, four Palestinian Arabs were killed or died from earlier wounds from attacks by other PalArabs (not counting any killed in Iraq, for example) and none at all were killed by Israel.

One would expect a true "human rights" organization would focus on the real violations of Palestinian Arab human rights rather than their weekly exercise in demonizing a nation that allows tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs to enter it just for medical reasons.

But PCHR is clearly not interested in human rights.