Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Arab terrorists kill each other. Yawn.

Between Thursday night and Friday night, 21 more have been killed, including a 7 year old boy and a 38 year old woman. This is of course of no concern to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International or the UN (although the UN did come out with a statement against the violence, noting that its own workers were in danger, but no condemnation.)

I'm doing the best I can not to double-count anyone, but as of now, my counts are at 305 Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other since Summer Rains, and 100 killed this year.

UPDATE: It looks like two more were added to the count (Maan said yesterday that 25 were killed over the weekend, now it says 27) so the counts are now at 307 and 102.

UPDATE 2: PCHR counts 29.
Maan News Arabic mentions Hamas killing a Fatah member Tuesday.
The counts are now at 310 and 105.

UPDATE 3:The PCHR numbers were as of Sunday, and on Monday it was announced that three more died from wounds received on Friday.
The counts are now 313 and 108.

UPDATE 4: An 8-year old succumbed to wounds from last Thursday. 314 and 109.

I mistranslated a Tuesday article as saying a Fatah member was killed, it was in fact a Hamas member, and one of those injured died as well. 315 and 110.

A 20-year old man was found dead in Ramallah on Thursday. 316 and 111.