Friday, October 06, 2006

You need a scorecard

At least one Fatah terrorist was killed when a bomb prematurely exploded in an arms smuggling tunnel.

Another Fatah terrorist was shot and killed (and two Hamas terrorists critically injured) in PalArab infighting.

A young man shot and killed near Al-Masri (from a PalArab Arabic newspaper.)

Our PalArab self-death count is now at 103.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I will know if the Hamas terrorists die, so as always I am erring on the side of confirmed dead PalArabs.
Chol HaMoed update:
On Friday, 6 October 2006, 3 masked gunmen opened fire at Mohammed ‘Adnan ‘Atiya, 26, near his house in al-Tannour neighborhood in the east of Rafah. ‘Atiya was wounded by several live bullets to the abdomen and the legs. He was evacuated to the hospital, but he died soon. No more information has been available concerning the reasons of this crime.

At approximately 11:45 on Thursday, 5 October 2006, a number of gunmen traveling in a civilian car (a white Peugeot 504) opened fire into the air for no apparent reason in al-Hawaja Streets in the center of Jabalya refugee camp, and then escaped. As a result, two children were wounded:

1. ‘Essam Musleh al-Maqadma, 6, wounded by a live bullet to the buttock; and

2. Ahmed Nabeel ‘Ali, 12, wounded by a live bullet to the right foot.

And here's a case where the PalArabs will undoubtedly consider the victim to be a martyr - but he fits our definition of a PalArab self-death:
A Palestinian man was shot and killed near the West Bank city of Nablus Sunday afternoon on his way to break the Ramadan fast with family, relatives said.

Relatives said Ahmed Yousef Tirawi, 25, was walking with his wife on a path off limits to Palestinians when soldiers fired a single bullet to his head, killing him.

The Israel Defense Forces said it was unaware of any shooting incident in the area and its forces had not opened fire.
So we are at 105.

UPDATE 2: 106.
Also on Thursday, medical sources at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City declared that Ussama Ahmed al-Shiekh ‘Eid, 24, a member of the Executive Force, died from an injury he had sustained on Monday, 2 October 2006. Al-Sheikh ‘Eid was injured by a live bullet to the abdomen during clashes between the Executive Force and members of Fatah movement, which left dead two civilians and injured 25 others.