Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ball in Siniora's court - if the game was fair

A whopping three days ago:
Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora on Wednesday called the ongoing Israeli military presence in Lebanese territory the "mother of all ills" and said it must be brought to an end.

"There won't be any valid argument then for the continuation of weapons in the hands of Hezbollah," he told a news briefing when asked about Hezbollah's claim last week to have more than 20,000 rockets after a month of war with Israel.
This of course begs the question of what the valid argument was for Hezbollah to amass such an arsenal to begin with over the past six years.

Luckily, we have the Syrian puppet Lebanese president ready to give an answer:
Lebanese President, Emile Lahoud said on Saturday that if Hezbollah didn't resist aginst the Zionist regime's aggression, a Zionist-affiliated President would now be in office in Lebanon.

In an exclusive interview with channel 3 of Italian state television, Lahoud asserted that Hezbollah was the only force which defended the country against Zionists' aggression and Lebanon can't demand them to be disarmed, adding that Lebanese army only can grant domestic securing and lacks the power to encounter Zionist army which is backed by America.
Makes perfect sense! The Zionist infidel dogs have always been wanting to sink their fangs into juicy Lebanese territory, and only the heroism of the Hezbollah heroes have stopped them.
The President, a Syrian crony, further announced that Lebanese army too ruled out Hezbollah's disarmment and so the UN peacekeeping forces have not the right to do so as there is no reference to this matter in UN's resolution.

Uh-oh, we have a slight contradiction here. Siniora is implying that the Lebanese government will not allow Hezbollah to hold arms as long as Israel withdraws from Lebanon, and Lahoud is saying that it is not an option.

Nasrallah, for his part, has added a new condition before he disarms. Besides Israel leaving the Sheba Farms and some northern Israeli villages, he also wants to make sure that Lebanon has an army that can repel Israel. He also threw in a threat that if Lebanon doesn't turn itself into a more pro-Syrian government, Hezbollah might just have to take over.

Meanwhile, Israel removed its last troops from Lebanon this morning, so Siniora's "mother of all ills" has made his words from last Wednesday become suddenly relevant.

Not that we are expecting him to actually follow through.