Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another "human rights" organization that lies

I just discovered another "human rights" organization that has no real interest in human rights but every interest in making Israel look evil.

Defence for Children International, Palestine Section is a self-styled defender of children that admits it is an :
independent, Palestinian non-governmental organization, which develops its programs and acts according to Palestinian children's needs and Palestinian priorities.
Might there just be a wee bit of a conflict of interest between pretending to care about Palestinian Arab children's needs and saying that they promote "Palestinian" interests - which include exploiting those same children for political gain?

Well, in case you thought not, think again. Their website spares no effort to count every possible Palestinian Arab minor who is injured or killed that they can blame on Israel, and does not mention a single negative word about Palestinian Arab children who are killed by their own people, or who are routinely used as human shields by their "militant" friends, or even who are encouraged to blow themselves up as martyrs , both directly and through the PA-funded media.

No, none of that seems to count to these supposed defenders of the innocent.

But beyond that, their count of Palestinian Arab children supposedly killed by Israel include some outright lies.

For example, I mentioned the PCHR report of two brothers who found a homemade Palestinian rocket , took it home and blow it up, killing one of them. Guess how DCI reports the same event?
On the 28 August 2006, 16 year old Mohamad Khaled Al Zaanen found an unexploded shell on his family's land. He picked it up and carried it to his home with the help of his younger brother. Suddenly the shell exploded, kiling Mohamad instantly and severely injuring his brother.

Same dead kid, but this "human rights" organization blames Israel while the PCHR says that it was a locally made rocket.

They also go on to describe many instances where Israeli forces are battling Gaza terrorists, where any stray bullet that kills a PalArab kid is invariably blamed on the Israeli side, often with such objective descriptors as "an Israeli sniper put a bullet in his head."

They count events that are ambiguous at best:
Raja' was playing on a swing. At the same time the Israeli army attacked the neighbouring land, used for training Al Nasser Salah Al Deen militias. As Raja' tried to run, one of the poles from the swing fell on her head, killing her instantly.
Did a shell hit the swing? Or was this one of the swings built on the many Palestinian Arab "metal workshops"? No matter - it is easy to add this to the list of murdered kids, to make Israel look bad.

Or look at this incident:
On 10th July 2006, at around 19:50, a group of children were playing football on a piece of land near the agricultural school in Beit Hanoun. At that time, Palestinian resistance groups launched a missile towards Israeli towns, before quickly leaving the area. Immediately afterwards Israeli airplanes launched a missile towards the children immediately killing three of them and injuring another.
Assuming this is true, do you think that these mighty Defenders of Children will ever say a word about why their heroic resistance fighters are shooting missiles from the immediate area where children are playing soccer?

Also, notice that neither DCI nor PCHR will ever mention anyone killed by Palestinian Arabs shooting towards Israelis. Without exception, it is always asserted that any bullet that kills a child belongs to Israeli soldiers. So my running count of 97 Palestinian Arabs killed by their own people since Operation Summer Rains began is probably way, way undercounted.

But since there are no true human rights organizations interested in such things, no one will ever know.