Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two Gaza girls on their way to school hit by rocket

The terrorist genocidal criminals responsible should be wiped off the face of the Earth!

Ooops...it was a PalArab rocket, so no one cares:
At approximately 6:45 on Saturday, 16 September 2006, activists from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, fired three homemade rockets at Israeli targets. One of the rockets fell in Zimme Street southeast of Beit Hanoun. The rocket explosion injured two girls on their way to school. The girls are Ola Ahmad Thaher (13) and Asma' Adnan El-Ashqar (15). Both sustained shrapnel injuries all over their bodies.

Meanwhile, the famed tens of thousands of PalArab policemen are doing their jobs in protecting their people:
In the past 24 hours, 3 persons have been killed and 6 others, including a child, have been wounded in 3 armed family disputes in Gaza City and the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis.

...At approximately11:30 on Tuesday, 19 September 2006, ‘Abdullah Suleiman ‘Abdul ‘Aal Dughmosh, 22, was killed by a live bullet to the abdomen, and his brother, 32-year-old ‘Omran, was seriously wounded also by a live bullet to the abdomen in an inter-family armed dispute in al-Sabra neighborhood in the south of Gaza City. The two brothers were evacuated to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

At approximately 21:00 on Monday, 18 September 2006, an inter-family armed dispute erupted in al-Shojaeya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City. The dispute is related to land ownership. As a result, two persons were killed:

1. Fayez Ahmed al-No’aizi, 22, hit by a live bullet to the chest; and

2. Hamdi ‘Ali al-No’aizi, 53, hit by several live bullets to the back and the legs.

In addition, 4 persons from the same family were wounded.

Earlier, at approximately 22:00 on the same day, Jihad As’ad Ahmed Jarghoun, 9, was wounded by shrapnel from a live bullet to the left leg, when an inter-family armed dispute erupted in Ma’an and Jourat al-Lout areas in Khan Yunis.
It is apparent that my source for most of these, PCHR, is not counting every self-inflicted death in the territories, so my updated count of 83 PalArabs killed by PalArabs since late June is definitely understated. Either way, more Palestinian Arabs have been killed by other Palestinian Arabs than by Israel in the past week.