Thursday, September 21, 2006

That tiny minority of marriage-minded extremists

Since I saw the Muslim dating site MuslimIntro.com has at least one terror supporter proudly displaying his bigotry in his profile, I thought I'd look for any others.

Meet Hassan from Missouri:
Our family very simple farmer people who love Islam much and love Palestine much. Most of our family hates the jews. Many of our family live here in USA in Chicago Florida New York Baltimore and Minneapolis. We all love each other but no family is perfect....
My plan for the future is for me to finish college and start a business. Insha Allah one day sooner or later return to Palestine and live happy and good with my family. We have a struggle against the evil jews in Palestine. Allahu Maulana wala lahum maula. The best plan I can have is to live adhering to Islam and die that way as well....I would like to teach my children first and foremost the important aspects of Islam. Then they should also know how the life of dunia and Islam are related and also what they can do Islamically that is blessed and commended by Allah. They should also know the history of their parents culture and family. One of the most important things that my children should know is that they have a right to claim our homeland if they so choose in Palestine. And they may be inclined to help our cause to fight against the jews. But I want all my family members to be happy and living in the proper way in Islam.
This lovely woman from Egypt has only one wish for the world:
The thing I would most like to change about the world: balastien get their land back,jews be bunished
This Mohammud from the UK seems to have a healthy respect for Jews:
It's not in my hands but certainly in my prayers.That all muslim unite and that we truly love for each other whetever we love for ourselves.I'd love to see muslims taking over Jews in any fields.I love that,be it in studies or anything.
Google has a classic quote from the chatroom there in its cache:
The Jews were a proud people and throughout history they had trouble with the unsympathetic Genitals.
I can imagine why the Genitals are unsympathetic!

This man from the UK seems to be well on his way to blowing up:

Conversation starters:
Do you like Shaikh Usamah BL?
What do you think is the status of Jihad Feesabeelillah (fighting, not waking up for work or college)?
People I admire/role models:
Mujahid Shaikh Usamah bin Laaden (hfa)
Mujahid Shaikh Ayman Az-Zawaahiri (hfa)
Mujahid Shaikh Abu Mus'ab az-Zarqaawi (hfa)
The thing I would most like to change about the world: Establish Shareeah, and nothing less.
i know i cant change the world to this with my own hands alone and without the will of Allaah, but i pray that Islam dominates the world, like Allah (swt) has promised in the Qur'an
My favourite food: Everything healthy and Halaal, except Zionist-funders
This man from Belgium agrees that the world should all be under Islamic law:
I think all countries must live by the shariah of islam, this is not our will, this is the thing that we must do, cause our prophet Muhammad sollollohu alyhi wasallam fought for that for several times in jihad against jews.

To be fair, there are some Muslims on this site that say they are not prejudiced against Jews and do not obsess over jihad. But can you imagine an American dating site where people proudly list similar opinions?