Thursday, September 21, 2006

MWM seeks second wife. Must want total dominance of Islam worldwide.

British Blogger Little Bulldogs has been following the John Reid speech to Muslims very closely. He unearthed what appears to be a profile on a Muslim dating site for the heckler, Abu Izzadeen.

But even if it isn't him, it is an amazing profile:

The Best Enjoyment Of This World Is A Pious Women

Personal information


Abu Izzadeen



Date of birth

1 April 1975


31 years

Marital status

Married (seeking 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife)

Number of children


Email address


MSN Messenger


Yahoo Messenger


Last online on 12 September 2006

Profile updated on 10 September 2006

Conversation starters

Question 1

how do you feel about being a second wife

Question 2

how much quraan do you know

Question 3

sorry should be first As salam wa alaykum

Geographical information

I was born in

UK - London [ Click here for map ]

My nationality is


I currently live in

UK - London [ Click here for map ]


East London E11



Visa/Residency status


Ethnic origin


My cast is


Primary language / mother-tongue


Other languages


My geographical background


Physical characteristics


5'11" (180 cm)

Hair colour


Eye colour





I do not wear glasses


I have a long beard

Most attractive physical feature

(my beard doesnt grow beyound a certian limit so its not really long)

My Personality

Words that describe me

Passionate, Bold, Protective, Witty, Sensitive

Best aspect of my personality

very funny loving and humble towards the believers inshallah

The thing I would most like to change about myself

Obviously a muslim doesnt ask allah to change the way he is made but my presonality inshallah i hope to make more islamic everyday inshallah

People I admire / my role-models

roles model must be the same for all muslim the messenger mohammed saw and his campanions and those I admire all those who stirve to follow the deen

The thing I would most like to change about the world

to see Islam dominate the world

How important is money in my life

Quite important


I never smoke


I have a car/motorbike driving licence


I have 2 brothers


I have 1 sister

My family

I'm a convert since 1994 i i have a older brother who also converted before me

In the social setting, I am

The life of the party

My favourite food

too many

On a typical day, I would wear

anything halal mostly (ad dafah)


Am I a convert to Islam?


How important is Islam to me

There is nothing except Islam

How practicing I am

I pray more than 5 times a day


I fast in Ramadan


I have performed Hajj, and intend to perform it again

I am


I follow

No madhab

My views on Islam

inshallah my views are in accordance with the quran and the sunnah vie the understanding of the campanions wht many wud call ahl sunnah wal jam'ah or salafiyyah etc

My Interests

My interests

I'm stuyding hafz of quran in the local masjid i read daily, i also trian at the local gym and i do kung fu. My interest centre around the deen either learning or teaching I watch jazeerah alot and i hav access to saudi tv so i get to see some of the ulam'a in the haram

My political views

quran and sunnah

I listen to music


My favourite books


Books I am currently reading

al istighataa by ibn taymieah

Newspapers / magazines I read


TV programmes I watch

al jazeerah and many debates

Previous relationships

About my current wife/wives

married with three children alhamdulillah

My ideal match


More than 16 years
Less than 40 years

My ideal match

a good sister who really feels for islam cares about the muslims becomes angry when she see the injustic towards the ummah, prays, fast, reads quraan, likes to learn about the deen, know how to enjoy herself in the halaal her age is not improtant neither her acdemic quals, as for her islamic knowledge the more she knows the more desirable she becomes

My worst match

someone whos got that east west balance rather than a islamic persona
doesnt pray or doesnt care about islam etc secularist

Plans for the future

After marriage, I would like to live

In our own place

I would like to have

More than 9 children

The most important things I would like to teach my children are

the question about the children i hav no fix number in my mind wht ever allah wills the children must be tought islam the most important thing

In the future, I would like to live

In the same city as now

My plans for the future

hijrah inshllah

Where/what/how I see myself being in 5 years' time

abroad inshallah