Monday, September 11, 2006

PalArab self-death count keeps rising

Here is the latest news about those poor, stateless Palestinians and how things would be peachy for them if only Israel ceased to exist.
Ziad Halada, 28, was shot and killed in the West Bank city of Nablus during internal factional fighting between Palestinian groups on Thursday.

Halada was shot in the head in the center of Nablus, during clashes between youth from the town and unknown masked men, local sources reported.

The sources added that after he was shot, his family attacked and set fire to two shops belonging to families suspected to be involved in the shooting. Palestinian police and security forces rushed to the area and began an investigation of the incident.

But wait, there's more:

At approximately 12:15 on Saturday, 9 September 2006, a dispute erupted between Abu Hatab and Absi "El-Danaf" clans in Market Street in Beach Camp. The dispute escalated into an armed confrontation. As a result, Ayman Abu Toha was hit by a bullet that penetrated his right side and issued from his chest. He was killed instantly. Abu Toha was trying to break up the dispute. In addition, two others were injured...

At approximately 02:00 on Friday, 8 September 2006, Haidar Mahdi was killed when an armed group fired several bullets at his house in Bloc 2 of Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the center of the Gaza Strip. Mahdi was hit by several bullets to the feet, thighs and back. He was taken to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, where he died shortly after admittance. Neighbors stated that the shots were fired on the backdrop of a financial dispute between the shooters and one of Haidar's sons.

Hey - what do you expect them to do. It was a financial dispute in a land where there are no courts, no judges, no real police and no infrastructure, despite billions of dollars given to these people over decades. It's the Jews' fault!

And one more, a tender story of fatherhood:

A Palestinian youth was killed and his companion was wounded in an explosion in the Palestinian village of Na'ama near Ramallah.

An IDF spokesperson said that the explosion occurred as the two were apparently handling an explosives belt, which belonged to one of the youth's father.
Not to mention the non-fatal events that prove the Palarab love of peace and security - the car bomb that exploded prematurely, the many children who play with bombs and don't quite get killed when they explode, and those merely injured during Clan Clashes (TM).

This brings my count of dead PalArabs who were killed by other Palestinian Arabs or in "work accidents" since late June to 70. Remember: this is a number that no one else seems to be keeping track of. The real issue isn't dead Palestinian Arabs - whom no one cares about, least of all other PalArabs -- but how to demonize Israel.

(It is interesting to note that my major source for Pal self-deaths only reported on two of these four, so there may have been many more than I am keeping track of.)