Friday, September 01, 2006

The intelligence minister with no intelligence

The "Intelligence Minister" of South Africa, Ronnie Kasrils, has written another anti-Israel screed filled with half-truths and falsehoods.

Sometimes one can read these articles from respected government figures and conclude that they are just mislead or uninformed. This is clearly not one of those cases. From this and other articles, Kasrils takes at face value any wild Arab claims and dismisses any Israeli statements.

Some of his falsehoods:
In fact, from the onset, Zionism aimed at the dispossession of the indigenous population so that Israel could become a wholly Jewish state.
While there were some Zionists that felt this way, it is clear from contemporaneous accounts that the Zionist leadership did not want the Arabs in their territory to leave. This is a common lie used to create the "Israeli apartheid" fiction of which Kasrils is so fond.
With the illegal Jewish settlements, security road network and the construction of the monstrous wall around the militarily occupied West Bank, the remaining Palestinians are ghettoised within 12% of their original territory. This dispossession is reminiscent of apartheid and its 13% of Bantustan homelands. For many this is the fundamental cause of the conflict.
He fails to mention that before 2000, these Palestinian Arabs had jobs, good medical care, prospects for their own state, and a booming economy. Their decision to start a war with Israel, made by Kasrils' friend Arafat, is what made their lives hard. This simple fact is somehow never mentioned by those who like to throw "facts" around.
Lebanon, too, has been a part of Zionist annexation plans. Israel long regarded the Litani river to its north as its natural border, and constantly sought to turn the country into a Christian bulwark against the Muslims. It invaded in 1948, 1978 and 1982 and stayed in the south until 2000, before being driven out by Hizbullah. In that period Israel provoked civil war, connived in massacres, created a proxy army in the south, and still holds on to strategic farmland.
More lies than I can count, but briefly: No one ever considered Lebanon a part of modern Israel*, no one of importance ever wanted to annex it, encouraging the Christians of Lebanon to maintain their power is hardly "annexation", and the "strategic farmland" was never Lebanese. This paragraph makes crystal clear that truth is not on Kasrils' agenda.
What lies behind Israel’s latest aggression? Could such a disproportionate response really have been because of the abduction of two soldiers? There have been constant border skirmishes. Israel could have responded with local action or the prisoner exchange sought by Hizbullah. The dogs of war were let loose instead.
He follows this with paragraphs of strawmen and then "suggestions" of a pre-planned US/Zionist plot to take on Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. He utterly misses the point, which his friends in the Israeli peace camp understood:

When Israel did what the world asked, and withdrew to a UN-drawn border, that was still not enough for the Hezbollah terrorists. Their attacks proved that territory is not their incentive - it is the destruction of Israel. Those who advocate Israeli withdrawal from territories will always emphasize that if attacks continue, Israel would be justified in fighting back. Kasrils' paragraph above proves that this is just a lie - that no matter what Israel does to defend itself, it will be criticized.

Then comes the obligatory Nazi analogy, couched in terms to protect Kasrils from saying that he believes it himself:
Like Gaarder, we must call baby killers “baby killers” and declare that those using methods reminiscent of the Nazis be told that they are behaving like Nazis.
This is almost too obscene to comment on, but when Kasrils sees Israel stripping all Israeli Arabs of their citizenship, when he sees a government-approved Kristallnacht, when he sees Israeli gas chambers and crematoria killing tens of thousands of Palestinian Arabs every day - then he might be able to spout such racist and bigoted garbage. Until then, it shows that he is a first-class supporter of terror and genocide against Israeli Jews.

(*Hat tip to Elie for correcting a mistake. See comments.)