Monday, September 25, 2006

Don't make fun of them. It's their culture!

Here's a tiny surreal detail of the bizarro world of the Middle East, where Jews defending Jews are called terrorists and people who blow up babies along with themselves are heroes:

A few terror groups really enjoy calling press conferences. It appears that in Gaza, press conferences are an indication of importance, and the groups that just hate seeing Abbas and Hamas hog all the headlines call their own press conferences often.

The funny part is that the contents of their press conferences are rarely reported, but pictures from these circuses sometimes make it to the wire services. Here's some from yesterday:

This must be the only place in the world where press conferences feature more weapons than reporters, where the people who call the press conference do not want the reporters to know who they are, and where nothing of importance is ever said.

Well, hardly ever. It turns out that the Saturday dog-and-machine gun show did include a few interesting facts:

Four armed Palestinian groups are threatening to target any Palestinian government that recognizes Israel.
Such a government would be a “legitimate target” and would be treated as an extension of the “occupation,” the groups said in a press conference in Gaza over the weekend.
The groups include the Na’sir ‘Salah A-Din Brigades (an arm of the Popular Resistance Committees), The Al-Aq’sa Martyrs Brigades, the Monotheism Brigades and the brigades of Ahmad Abu A-Rish.
The groups called on Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud ‘Abbas to retract comments he made at the United Nations General Assembly last week.
‘Abbas said the future Palestinian government would recognize previously signed agreements with Israel, implying the government would recognize Israel.
Shortly after ‘Abbas spoke, senior Hamas adviser Ahmad Yousuf also rejected the idea.
I find it morbidly fascinating that Arabs have no problems crowing over Palestinian Arab "democracy" and yet see no problem with having the Hamas government abrogate existing agreements. Can you imagine how they would react if Israel would elect a new government who then says that "Oslo is from a previous government - we can ignore that agreement. "

Also glossed over is the small fact that the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigades is still nominally headed by the very same Mahmoud Abbas that they are threatening. The media can't be bothered to Chances are many of these thugs are moonlighting as respected "policemen."

I also love the names of these groups. I had never heard of the Monotheism Brigades before. But killing other monotheists in the name of religion is an accepted part of this depraved culture that the world is willing to overlook.

It is just weird how, over time, such crazy and outlandish behavior becomes accepted as normal by the "enlightened" nations, yet any actions that are less than perfect from Israel is quickly condemned.

It seems that there must be a physical law, the Law of Conservation of Responsibility. If the territories have no responsibility whatsoever, then Israel must make up for it by being hyperresponsible for everything they do.

Judging from the photos above, we can also formulate along the same lines the Law of Conservation of Morality, Law of Conservation of Beauty, and Law of Conservation of Intelligence.