Tuesday, August 22, 2006

UNIFIL completely in Hezbollah's pocket

As I mentioned yesterday, Hezbollah forced their way into the main UN compound in Naquora yesterday for a funeral rally, shoving aside UN barricades. After it was clear the UN couldn't stop them, they opened the gates for them to celebrate their funeral, complete with their yellow flags and anti-Israel and anti-American slogans, in UN-controlled territory.

Almost every day, UNIFIL puts out a press release describing in minute detail every incident that happened the previous day. Neither today's not yesterday's press releases mentioned a word about this event.

And it is not like they are not aware of it - the dateline for the press releases is Naquora itself!

It seems that despite all the diplomacy and focus nowadays on the new role that UNIFIL is supposed to play, the UN is still effectively an ally of Hezbollah, or at best a frightened servant of the terrorists.

Nothing has changed since this picture was taken: