Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today's staged Hezbollah photo

At least, for once, Reuters sort of admits that it is staged, or at least that the weddimg was orchestrated by Hezbollah. One must conclude that the overwhelming evidence of staged photos shown by the blogosphere is slightly affecting the way wire services are reporting the news.

I wonder what the captions in print media will say, though.

Abdallah Amhaz (L) and his bride Mona stand in the rubble of a destroyed building before their wedding, organized by Hizbollah, in a district that was damaged during the conflict between Israel and Lebanon's Hizbollah in Beirut's southern suburbs, August 27,2006. REUTERS/Jamal Saidi (LEBANON)

Now, why would Hezbollah stage a wedding in a bombed out neighborhood if not so the press can take this very picture anf show it worldwide?

UPDATE: Here's a somewhat more accurate picture of the happy bride and groom: