Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This news should really confuse the moonbats

Hezbollah managed to shoot rockets near Jenin, in the West Bank:
Some of the long range rockets that were fired at Israel Wednesday noon landed across the Green Line, in the West Bank. The rockets fell near the Palestinian village of Pqua, in the Jenin area.

Ynet has learned that parts of the rockets fell off while they were in transit, but caused no injuries or damage.

The rockets' landing site in the Palestinian territories is the most southern point Hizbullah has managed to hit so far. A week and a half ago, an improved Fajr-5 rocket landed in Afula.
OK, should a moonbats be happy that Hezbollah still has long-range deadly rockets, or should they be suddenly concerned about possible Palestinian Arab casualties?

If a PalArab had died, would it be good news or bad? And, most importantly, how can they blame Israel?

Luckily, the PalArabs themselves (through their "moderate wing") were nice enough to instruct the moonbats how to react:
A Fatah activist from Jenin added that the rocket hit was heard clearly around the city, and a spark and a flame were also clearly seen.

The Fatah member related that local residents cheered when they heard the rocket fall and saw the resulting flames. “Even if it were to fall on our heads, it wouldn’t have spoiled our joy. All of us here are praying for Hizbullah’s success and victory," he said.

Whew. Another ethical conundrum solved before Lefties would be forced to think a little about their indefensible and contradictory positions.

Now they know to cheer if Hezbollah kills Palestinian Arabs.