Sunday, August 20, 2006

Quick question to Muslims who think a war is being waged against them

There are countless articles and speeches from Muslims and terror supporters decrying "Islamophobia" who are convinced that the Western world is fighting a war against all Muslims. Often, these paranoid people will blame world Jewry or their popular codewords, "Zionists" and "Neocons", as the force behind this supposed epidemic of hatred of all Muslims.

I have a simple question:

How many places on the planet are Muslims afraid to walk around in full Muslim attire - women with hijabs or chadors or burqas, men with their skullcaps and beards? Where exactly are the places that they can expect to be beaten up by random people on the street who are so consumed with hate at the idea of a Muslim in their midst?

Now, compare this answer with the number of places in the world that a Jewish man can proudly walk around with a yarmulka without a trace of fear or nervousness.

Since Islamophobia is supposedly so pervasive - where are the 1.6 billion Muslims afraid to walk?