Monday, August 14, 2006

PalArab Self-Death count: A grim milestone

Those wacky Palestinian Arabs just keep killing each other! Here's the result of that nastiness between Hamas and Fatah as each tries to out-terrorize the other:
On Sunday morning, 6 August 2006, unknown gunmen shot Major Mohammed Mousa al-Mousah, 40, from Habalya refugee camp, chief of the Palestinian Military Intelligence in the northern Gaza Strip. He died later from his wound. Tow other persons were also wounded in the same attack.
A nominee for a Darwin Award, that this Palestinian Arab site tries hard to put a good spin on:
On Wednesday, 9 August 2006, a Palestinian was killed in the north of Gaza by an explosion of an artillery shell, and three were injured in the center of the Gaza Strip by mishandled weapons.

PCHR's preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 14:30 on Wednesday, 9 August 2006, Emad Abdallah El-Sharatha (22) was killed by the explosion of an artillery shell fired by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) that did not explode at the time it was fired. At the time of his death, Emad was trying to dismantle the shell in his house, located in the Shusha'a area, east of Jabalia refugee camp. Emad's body was torn to pieces, and extensive damage was inflicted on the house.
Yes, we are all sure that he was trying to dismantle the shell in his house!

Here's a nice example of extra-judicial killings that no one cares about because the killers are Arab:
Basem Radi El-Mallah (a 29-year old resident of Faqou'a village east of Jenin) was killed by a Palestinian armed group in Jenin refugee camp. The killing was an extra-judicial execution for suspected collaboration with Israeli security services.

PCHR's preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 13:00 on Sunday, 13 August 2006, an armed group led Basem El-Mallah from his place of residence in the village of Faqou'a to Jenin refugee camp. He was bound and his eyes were covered. They fired at him, killing him instantly with bullets to the upper part of the body.
The "human rights" website this was taken from condemned the killing but still referred to it as an "honor killing"!

Finally, we have a few examples of what PCHR refers to as "misusing weapons." The third example doesn't look too accidental to me:
Over the past two days, one Palestinian was killed and two others were injured in Gaza City, including an officer in the General Intelligence Apparatus, in incidents of misusing weapons.

PCHR's preliminary investigation reveals that at approximately 08:00 on Sunday, 13 August 2006, the body of Tamer Anwar Hilles, a 19-year old resident of Sheja'eya Quarter in Gaza City, was found in the yard of the Sheja'eya School in the Jabal neighborhood, east of the city. It was learnt later that Hilles was handling a weapon with a friend in the school at approximately 21:00 on Saturday, 12 August 2006. A bullet was accidentally fired, hitting Hilles in the chest. He was killed instantly.

At approximately 22:00 on Saturday, 12 August 2006, Dr. Maher Issa Ayyad, a 55-year old resident of Gaza City, was injured by a bullet from an unknown source as he was in El-Diera Hotel on the Gaza City beach front. The bullet hit Dr. Ayyad in the shoulder from above, indicating that it was fired in the air, most probably during a wedding celebration in one of the nearby wedding halls. Dr. Ayyad was taken to Shifa Hospital for treatment, where his injury was listed as light.

At approximately 22:00 on Saturday, unknown gunmen in a car fired at an officer in the General Intelligence Apparatus. The officer is Mahmoud El-Ghazzawi (42). The incident took place near El-Shaf'i mosque in Zaitoon Quarter in Gaza City. The officer was hit by several bullets in the feet. He was taken to Shifa Hospital for treatment, where his injury was classified as moderate.
These four deaths puts the PalArab Self-Death count since the start of Israel's incursion at an even 50. No virgins for these guys, though, and no tearful feature stories on the BBC either, because they were unfortunate enough to have been killed by their fellow Arabs who would all live in peace if it wasn't for "occupation."

UPDATE: Judeopundit notices a riot at a PalArab wedding, with knives and clubs, when one guest offered a somewhat unpopular opinion. But, no one died, so the count is still at 50. Maybe this was one of those rare weddings that didn't involve machine guns as part of the celebration.