Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jesse doesn't need Hezbollah for his photos

Unlike other visitors taking the Hezbollah Guided Tour of Southern Beirut, Jesse Jackson does not seem to require the Party of God's assistance in looking for photogenic rubble to pose with. And this morning's featured AP Beirut photographer is a more than willing participant.

Veteran US civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, third right, and his son Jonathan, right, speak to an unidentified local Lebanese woman as they stand on the rubble of her apartment building in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, which was destroyed during an attack by Israeli forces in the 34-day Israeli-Hezbollah conflict, Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

And here he is shortly afterwards, as his son and the Lebanese woman (and the Hezbollah handler) disappear so Jesse can get his close-up in front of the same building.

One can almost imagine the AP photographer and Jesse Jackson conferring over the lighting and composition.