Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hezbollah's spin makes them look worse

As a result of the IDF raid in Baalbek, Hezbollah is making some claims:
'This hospital was empty when they got here. We lured them into this operation,' one Hezbollah guerrilla on the scene said.

Hezbollah claimed to have spread rumours about the presence of an important Hezbollah figure inside the hospital, which had been empty since the start of the Israeli offensive....

Journalists were only allowed to take pictures at the ground floor of the hospital Wednesday.

'We fear for your safety. The Israelis might have left booby trapped bombs in some sectors of this hospital to target us (Hezbollah), so we do not want you venturing in,' a separate Hezbollah official in Baalbek told dpa.

So, Hezbollah is saying that they came up with a brilliant plan to lure many Israeli soldiers into a trap, very far from Israel, presumably to massacre them.

And even with all that preparation, they didn't manage to get anyone?

Hezbollah says they emptied the hospital, again far from the border. If you believe them, it sure sounds like they control the hospital and use it for, shall we say, "militant" purposes. There might be a Geneva Convention about that.

But the reason journalists can't see the rest of the hospital is for their own safety.

Yeah, this all sounds real credible. Almost as credible as IRIB's reporting of the war.