Thursday, August 03, 2006

DailyMuslims.com supports Mel's remarks

DailyMuslims.com, "the voice of Muslim America," has this to say about Mel's anti-semitic rant:
Mel Gibson is telling the truth when he said to a Los Angeles County Sheriff July 29, 2006 that "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" during the early morning hours of July 28 near his home in Malibu, California. God bless Mel Gibson for his courage!

Mr. Gibson, producer and director of the highly successful film "The Passion of the Christ", has again provided a great service to the world by utilizing his celebrity status in stating a truth that most ordinary gentiles are afraid to say. Mel Gibson is now being crucified, as was done during the production of his film on Jesus Christ, for saying a very inconvenient truth about world Jewry, especially during the current Israeli murderous rampage in Lebanon.

It did not take long for the Jewish dominated media to inflict pain on Mel Gibson for his statement. One reporter by the name of Harvey Levin said, "Mel Gibson is garbage. What an awful person he is. True enough, I'm Jewish, so the grotesque remarks didn't please me none". The truth never matters to Jews even when confronted by irrefutable evidence.

Do they ever ask themselves, "what is it that we do that makes the world dislike us"? Why do they have to have such high security in their Jewish centers? Why did a Muslim shoot up the Jewish Federation in Seattle two days ago? There is no doubt, Jews suffer from "collective denial!"

There are many questions concerning the incident that occurred on Friday when Mel Gibson, driving in his automobile, was stopped by a Los Angeles County Sheriff near his home. There is no doubt that certain Jews were out to get Mr. Gibson ever since he produced "The Passion of the Christ". Was Sheriff's Deputy James Mee, a Jew, lying in wait for Mel Gibson. Pacific Coast Highway in this part of Malibu is a well known police trap. Here they can wait for celebrities that live in Malibu and that they know are coming home from restaurants, social engagements and parties where drinks are served. Why was Deputy Mee ordered to redo his police report by his superiors? Most important of all, how did Jewish reporter Harvey Levin end up with a copy of the original and unapproved report written by Deputy Mee and which Levine used to justify calling Mel Gibson "garbage".

Was there collusion here between Deputy Mee, Levine and other Jews?

To be fair, DailyMuslims didn't write this insane bigoted rant. It was written by La Voz De Aztlan, which followed this up with an even more bizarre conspiracy theory that you've got to read to believe.

But the fact that DailyMuslims chose to publish it shows that many American Muslims are on the same page as the nutcase that wrote this.

And it was then picked up by KavkazCenter, my new favorite place to see what radical Muslims are really thinking.