Friday, August 11, 2006

Choose your Charity, Double your Donation - Challenge version 3

Thank you so much to those who made the original Elder Challenge a success. As you can see on the sidebar, between our sponsors and donors we have raised almost $5200 for Israeli charities so far.

Version 3 is a twist on the earlier matching programs. Donors can give to the charities of their choice as they usually do, and send (sanitized) receipts to me at elderchallenge -at- gmail.com.

I will list specific donations on the sidebar (anonymously, of course.) Anyone who wants to match an existing donation can then do so, and let me know.

So, for example, at one point in time we may see that someone donated $18 to Mogen Dovid Adom, someone else gave $36 to the One Israel Fund and a third gave $50 to Zaka. If you want to match any of these donations, just donate it yourself, send me the receipt telling me it was a matching donation, and I'll keep the totals updated and inform the original donor that their donation has been matched.

It is a little shticky but the point is, of course, to make sure that we keep the money going to those who need it.

If you want to donate to a different Israeli charity, feel free to do so - just make sure that it can be paid online, give us a web address and if people want to match, they can.

I will keep the two running totals on the sidebar of the amount donated and the amount matched.

I hope this isn't too confusing!

The new challenge starts immediately. We'll try for $1000 donated and another $1000 matched in the next 10 days, by August 21.

Thanks again to all who donated and especially for the generous people who sponsored Version 2 of the challenge!

!תזכו למצוות