Friday, January 06, 2006

Washington DC Imam: Muslims will destroy Jews, Israel

These words come not from some bizarre fringe Saudi cleric, but from Imam Mohammed Al-Asi, the "the elected Imam of Muslims in Washington DC". A quick Google finds many Muslim sites quoting him approvingly. His latest screed ends thusly:
Little do they know, but the Jewish worshippers of Israel who are publicly celebrating 57 years of a historical aberration are, by all the forces of history and divine decree, celebrating the coming of a day when they will have to come to terms with Islamic self-determination in the Holy Land area and beyond that into the expanses of Africa and Asia. The prophet of Allah, upon whom be peace, summed it up when he said:

'The final hour shall not commence until the Muslims engage Yahud in warfare. And the Muslims will deal the deathblow to Yahud. These Yahud will hide behind timber and boulder that will call out on Muslims: “O Muslim there is a Yahudi in disguise, come and annihilate him.”
It is entirely possible, however, that this esteemed Imam is a liar, as his name is not mentioned anywhere on the Islamic Center of Washington website. According to the ADL, the Islamic Center denies any connection to him.

Even so, the existence of such an Islamic supremacist bigot who is publishing incitement and hate against Jews in the US is noteworthy.