Monday, January 09, 2006

Shocking omission at the JIB awards

As I was looking at the JIB award nominations this morning to vote for my favorites, I was shocked to see that AbbaGav was not nominated (successfully) for Best Jewish Humor Blog.

So since one point of the awards is for people to see blogs they would not otherwise see, I wanted to point my readers to AbbaGav.

AbbaGav has the sense of humor that you must have when you know that the rest of the world is crazy and you are the only sane one. (Not to mention that the world would love to see you disappear, because you are the cause of all their problems.)

The black humor and sheer prolificity (to coin a term) makes AbbaGav my favorite funny site of the moment, so I recommend it highly.

(This entire missive is just a ploy to get Gav to comment on my blog, because the comments have been pretty light lately.)