Thursday, January 19, 2006

Notable news

A British Muslim writes:
"I am clearly one of those foolish Muslims who have "succumbed to Zionist pressure". I think the salutary lessons of the Holocaust should be remembered. I think that Holocaust Memorial Day, designated by the UK, with the support of the United Nations, as 27 January, is an important commemoration. And I think that Muslims should take an active part in the memorial service and other commemorative events across Britain."
A 15-year old Arab boy gave a bomb belt to the IDF.

The EU is already preparing to negotiate with Hamas terrorists.

Development of the Nautilus laser gun that was meant to shoot down Katyushas and Hamas rockets has been stopped by the US.

Religious Jews are being barred from entering Jordan.

A Haaretz news ticker says that the EU is urging Israeli restraint after today's suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. And Saeb Erekat says yet again that the attack wasn't meant to kill Jews, but to derail the Palestinian Arab elections. You see, he's the victim.